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Car RemovalYour vehicle is an expensive asset. It will drive you around for as long as you can maintain it. But, unfortunately after sometime, its value tends to depreciate rendering it old and unmanageable. Breakdowns and damages happen more frequently. Hence, you purchase a new car and the old one rusts in your garage. If you don’t know what to do with your old and used cars, dial for Free Car Removals in Sydney.


Who can opt for car removal?

We are Sydney’s most reliable car removal service. We offer free car removals to anyone who wants to give their old dilapidated cars away. Whether your car is running or not, or if it is in terrible condition; whatever the state, we will remove it for you and free up your garage or home space. We remove all types of vehicles; from trucks, buses, forklifts, vans, and utes through to smaller domestic vehicles.


We are more than aware that selling a damaged vehicle can be difficult. Our rates are the best in the industry, and you can guarantee no time wasted by the ever so irritating "Tyre Kickers". Our car removal team arrive on premises, inspect the vehicle, and determine its value based on weight and metal used in its construction. Once the value is agreed upon, the vehicle is removed and taken to our depot; no mess, no fuss, no wasted time. The only requirement we ask of you is that you're present on the day!


Car removal process

All cars removed are taken to our depot to be broken down and recycled, minimizing their impact on the environment and helping industries to use less natural resources in their manufacturing processes.


Free Car Removal Sydney are open 7 days a week for both car removal services and appraisals. There's no need to worry about hidden removal fees with Free Car Removals Sydney - Contact us on 0408 060 013 and enquire about the value of your scrap cars today.


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