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FREE Car Removal Service for Unwanted Junk Cars!

Car Removals

Do you have a bombed out old car sitting in the driveway or yard, taking up valuable space and detracting from the beauty of your home? Free Car Removals Sydney is the leading car removal services throughout Sydney, and we're free!

Most people can't afford to finish a restoration project, whether it's because of time or money, and the car is left out to rust. More often than not the car ends up in worse condition than when it was first acquired and the cost for restoration climbs ever higher. The only solution in these cases is to scrap the vehicle and have it removed from the premises. The problem with this is that most companies require you to pay them for the car removal process.

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Free Car Removals Sydney will come out to your premises, inspect the vehicle, and then remove your scrap car completely free of charge. In many instances, we find that your scrap is valuable to us and compensate you for your troubles. Free Car Removals Sydney works of a quantity system with two variables; the weight of the car, and the quantity of metal used in its construction dictates the scrap value of the car and how much money you make.

Once you've exchanged your car for cash, we remove the vehicle and process it in our depot. All hazardous materials are disposed of accordingly, and the metal is broken down, sorted, and recycled. Your unfinished project, or trusty old family car, can get a new lease on life through Free Car Removals Sydney.


While we do specialize in cars, trucks, and other vehicles, we also buy scrap metal in bulk. Just like with the cars, the more scrap metal you have, the more we can offer. We pay cash for bulk metal in amounts starting from around 800kg or more.


If you have mass amounts of scrap metal taking up room on your property, or have some unwanted vehicles in need or removal, contact Free Car Removals Sydney on 0408 060 013 today!

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Buying Scrap Metal in BULK!

scrap metal

Yes! I want to buy your various scrap metal for cash. The more scrap metal for cash you have, the more I am able to offer you. Paying cash for scrap metal in bulk amounts starting from around 800kg's or more. (Depending on distance needed to travel).

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I will get back to you as soon as possible with an appraisal on your bulk scrap metal for cash.